Nature as Teacher and Transformer

At the leading-edge of future-fit business not only do we recognize that our leaders and organizations are living systems intimately entwined with the wider ecology of life, but we also learn how to embody this in practice. For this, we embrace Nature as Teacher and Transformer.

Nature = our essential human nature and the more-than-human nature of life; the physical and metaphysical aspects of life that enrich and inform our vibrancy, creativity and effectiveness.

Forest Sunrise

As we learn to attune with Nature – at personal, team and organizational levels – we embrace what Carl Jung referred to as a process of ‘individuation’, and what Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer, at MIT and The Presencing Institute, call ’presencing’, whereupon the quality of our attention and way of relating with the world transforms as we learn to become more human within our more-than-human-world by opening up beyond our daily habituations, constrictions, judgements, projections and fears to embrace the fullness of life with an open heart, open mind and open will. This is what organizational specialist Frederic Laloux refers to as ‘Teal’ whereupon we lead and operate with wholeness, emergence and evolutionary purpose.

By learning to transcend our self-imposed and acculturated limitations that stifle our potential for greatness, we allow ourselves and our organizations to shift toward life-affirming future-fit business.
Nature provides us with the insight and wisdom we need for our 21st Century challenges in business and beyond. Nature is both a powerful Teacher and Transformer:

As Teacher: we apply living-systems thinking; cultivate a mind-set of emergence and action research; embrace Nature’s cycles, flows, rhythms, interconnectedness, holistic and systemic thinking-and-being; explore biomimicry, bio-leadership and Nature’s principles;

As Transformer: through Nature immersions we experience neurological and psychological shifts that aid our personal, team and systemic transformation; encouraging a coherence of our natural ways of knowing (intuitive, rational, emotional, somatic) and our natural intelligences (IQ, EQ, SQ), catalysing epistemological (knowing) and ontological (being) thresholds to be crossed as part-and-parcel of deep transformative leadership and organizational development work, attuning our soul-purpose in harmony with Nature.

The Future Fit Leadership Academy runs bespoke one-day and multi-day ‘Natural Business’ sessions to explore the power of Nature as Transformer and Teacher in a stunning and secluded valley in the Cotswolds – 90 minutes direct train from London Paddington to Stroud, arranged pick-ups from Stroud station and also from Bristol and Birmingham airports.

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