About Us

Pioneering research shows us that today’s mainstream leadership and organizational development approaches are no longer fit-for-purpose.

This Academy provides real-life education - applied transformative development; pioneering thinking and doing for the day-to-day practicalities of leadership and organizational transformation.

If you are a forward-thinking leader, change agent or practitioner then this Academy provides a leading-edge community for shared learnings, action research and real-life insights about becoming future-fit.

Future Fit = The ability to not just survive but thrive in ways that are life-affirming for all stakeholders.

The word ‘education’ finds its root in ‘educere’ the Latin for ‘to bring out’ or ‘lead forth’ - education as an active developmental process of bringing forth that which is within us and which when developed and brought forth into the world through us, enables us to become who we were truly born to be.

This Academy is about systemic authentic leadership.

It is about creating the conditions conducive for ourselves and our organizations to flourish in life-affirming ways while keeping the wheels on the road.

Through our work, we provide a unique environment for tailored transformative development for senior leaders, their leadership teams, the wider organizational culture and stakeholder ecosystem.

What is provided for is:

  1. A community of diverse yet aligned practitioners and thought leaders
  2. Curated leading-edge content on future-fit leadership and business transformation
  3. Action research, deep inquiries and personalized learning journeys
  4. Practical guidance, facilitation, coaching and operational support
  5. The opportunity to share with like-minds while tapping into world-class transformation work
  6. A community to rejuvenate and regenerate forward thinking leaders
  7. A network for leaders to share learning and development
  8. A safe space of non-judgement, radical honesty and strategic exploration

What is Future Fit?