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Coaching is being increasingly recognised as a vital contributor to leadership and organisational excellence in these dynamic and transformative times.
Giles Hutchins, Chairman of FFLA, offers confidential one-to-one coaching, and also works with small intimate groups of senior executives and teams where this is required. Giles holds a safe space for transformation at both personal and organisational levels to occur.

Feedback from a recent client, a CEO of a leading ethical brand:

‘Thank you Giles! It’s been a super positive experience, and we end up somewhere so very different to that from which we started. You’ve created a really caring, nurturing and easy space in which to do challenging work.’

Giles’s coaching work draws on a range of modalities and methods including: cutting-edge leadership and organisational development frameworks, living systems logic, systems thinking, complexity theory, biomimicry, whole-body intelligence, mindfulness and contemplative practices, ranspersonal psychology, and numerous ancient wisdom traditions, along with inspiration from a range of contemporary pioneers such as Richard Barrett, Bill Plotkin, John P Milton, James Hillman, Robert Sardello, Chris and Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Jude Currivan, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Prof. Peter Hawkins, Frederick Laloux, Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Prof. Sharon Olivier, Ralph Stacey, and many others.

Giles is an accredited coach, with a Diploma in Advanced Leadership, and a Masters of Science in Business Systems, who specialises in working with CEOs, Chairs and senior leaders of organisations seeking to become more future-fit and life-affirming. Much of Giles’ coaching work is confidential due to its sensitive nature. Giles also runs deep-dive leadership nature-immersions, contributes to global leadership research studies, co-founder of Regenerators www.regenerators.co , co-founder of BCI www.businessinspiredbynature.com and partner with pioneering institutes such as The Global Leaders Academy and The Laszlo New Paradigm Research Institute.  His personal website is www.gileshutchins.com and he is author of four transformation-based books: Regenerative Leadership (2019), Future Fit (2016), The Illusion of Separation (2014) and The Nature of Business (2012).  He has 25 years international business experience and has received training in numerous leadership and organisational development approaches. You can email Giles directly on  giles@ffla.co

‘Giles has a special way of quickly connecting with the deep essence of the challenge’
– Senior business leader

Giles holds bespoke executive coaching, life coaching and leadership development sessions from his 58-acres leadership immersion space in the heart of the High Weald, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in West Sussex, direct trains to London, Gatwick, Heathrow. (Please visit www.leadershipimmersions.com for more on this special space). Where appropriate, coaching sessions can be integrated with deep nature immersions, purpose and resilience intensives, and soul activation sessions.  Sessions on client site can be arranged. All prices on application.

Some feedback from recent coachees and participants on Giles’ coaching and leadership nature immersion sessions:

‘Thank you! The whole process was beautifully held, and deeply insightful’

‘The mix of learning, dialogue and the experiential was perfect.’

‘’The whole workshop is a totally welcome change and learning experience away from classrooms and computers – excellent facilitation.’

‘Excellent immersive experience that not only taught me how to change, adapt and alter (where necessary) my leadership style but also gave me the freedom and space to explore myself.’

‘Intellectually stimulating AND existentially exhilarating!’

‘I found the content, experiential and free exploration was very well balanced and at a good pace – overall the workshop was excellent.’

‘A profound experience, beautifully held. An excellent mix of theory, reflective exercises and peer-to-peer learning, providing me the strength, resilience, direction and clarity I need of my leadership work.’

You can find more about Giles Hutchins’ coaching, workshop and advisory services here or email him directly.  For more on leadership immersions in nature, see Leadership Immersions.