Leading by Nature

The latest book by Giles Hutchins has received much praise both sides of the Atlantic.

‘A masterful guide to the power of regenerative leadership’ John Elkington

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This book contains powerful practices and processes - its exactly what we need to navigate these uncertain times!' - Lynne Sedgemore, CBE, former CEO Centre for Excellence in Leadership

Leading by Nature is THE handbook for regenerative leadership. A must-read for every business leader who genuinely cares about the future of humanity.

Jayn Sterland, CEO of Weleda UK

Giles has given us yet another timely gift – a detailed and superbly practical guide to the leadership consciousness and practices we so badly need in business, government, education and society at large today. It’s rare to find a ‘teacher of teachers’ that explains and illustrates all aspects of the journey with the clarity and down-to-earth accessibility of this book!

Dimitar Vlahov, Advisory Board Member of Sustainable Brands & Integrate

A truly exceptional and timely book that redefines the locus of power in relationship to leadership; leadership that seeks harmony and alignment with nature. Giles reminds us to bring awareness/presence to everything that unfolds. This book is the teacher we all need.

Sue Cheshire, Founder and former CEO of The Global Leaders Academy

A masterful guide to the power of regenerative leadership.

John Elkington, Founder & Chief Pollinator at Volans, and author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism.

Leading by Nature gets to the heart of the shift in leadership that is now required to create a sustainable future for humanity.

Richard Barrett, Director of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values.

This book is a must-read for those involved in the future of business. I can’t recommend Giles’s work highly enough.

Norman Wolfe, CEO of Quantum Leaders and author of The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results

This book is a brilliant look into the emerging renaissance of business management. I couldn’t put it down!

Joseph H. Bragdon, author Economies That Mimic Life: From Biomimicry to Sustainable Prosperity

Building on his four previous books, Giles Hutchins’ Leading by Nature continues to pioneer a new consciousness in business based on ecological and relational principles that hold the key to flourishing on a healthy planet. Giles is fast becoming one of the world’s most influential and authentic guides to regenerative leadership

Chris Laszlo, author of Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business

We are starting to awaken to the catastrophic impact many of us are having on nature and the systemic risks that this poses to our collective society. Yet even as we lift our self-applied blindfold to this wanton exploitation we try and correct our ways with the very leadership methods that have taken us to the edge of ecological breakdown. Giles helps us to throw this destructive management school orthodoxy out of the window and instead embrace nature as the true inspiration for how we should lead and organize.

Mike Barry, Director of Eco Ltd, former Head of Plan A, Marks & Spencer

We are in an emergency as our home Planet Nature is on fire – largely a crisis of political and commercial leadership failure. Leading by Nature shows us how can find a way to learn from the rhythms and patterns of nature to develop our leadership skills and embody the insights necessary to meet the systemic challenges we face. If you want to learn more about how you can make the shift you need to make to be a more regenerative, sustainable and harmonious organizational leader, read Leading by Nature and live it every day.

Sebastian Pole, Herbalist and Co-founder of Pukka Herbs

Giles Hutchins has been at the cutting-edge of regenerative leadership for many years. His latest book Leading by Nature unpacks powerful tools and approaches for making regenerative leadership a reality. It’s an essential, timely and paradigm-shifting book for 21st century future-fit business.

Tomas Björkman, founder of Ekskäret Foundation

Giles’ newest book on Regenerative Leadership strikes a profound chord in me. In this world of VUCA chaos we need to lead, work and live with open hearts, open minds, bodies and spirits in harmony with ourselves, each other and our businesses; only then can we stand a chance. Leading by Nature gives us the compass.

Nigel Hughes, Founder & Director of Outstanding Global