Tailored Propositions

The Academy offers bespoke customized services for forward thinking organizations, who wish to become future fit.

Becoming future-fit is a journey; an exploration which is unique for every organization and leadership team.

Here are examples of the leadership development and organizational development areas drawn upon during this journey:

Future Fit Leadership Development
  • VUCA Leadership
  • Systemic Leadership
  • Emergent Leadership
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Intuitive Leadership
  • Ego-Eco Intelligence
  • Tier 1 to Tier 2 Leading
  • Teal Evolutionary Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Masculine/Feminine (Yin/Yang) Alchemic Leadership
  • Theory U
Future Fit Organizational Development
  • Business & Cultural Transformation
  • Purposeful Business
  • Regenerative Business
  • The Living Organization
  • Business Inspired by Nature
  • Heart-based Compassionate Culture
  • Teal Tier2 Business
  • Extended Epistemology
  • Holistic Appreciative Inquiry
  • The Improvisational Mind-set
  • Bio-Leadership & Nature Immersions
  • Super-coherence & Living Systems Logic
  • Self management and team empowerment

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