Giles Hutchins

Giles Hutchins blends a wealth of leadership development, business strategy, operations and transformation experience with pioneering new thought on flourishing in volatile times.

Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins is Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School and Chairman of Renewal Associates and Founder and Emeritus Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group.

Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Lynne held 3 Chief Executive roles within Further Education in the UK for 17 years. She has been a non-Executive Director on over 25 Boards and now works as an executive coach.

Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett is an author, speaker and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society.

Chris Laszlo

As one of the originators of the concept of sustainable value, Chris Laszlo, PhD, reframes sustainability as a business opportunity, and a new, inimitable source of competitive advantage.

Patricia Lustig

Patricia is a highly respected foresight, strategy and change consultant and author. With over 35 years’ experience, she is a recognised practitioner in foresight and future thinking.

Norman Wolfe

Norman Wolfe is a leading voice in bringing about a transformation of the core paradigm of business. A veteran senior executive and author of the ground-breaking book The Living Organization.

Sharon Olivier

Sharon is currently Director of Open Programmes at Ashridge Executive Education at the Hult International business school, where she manages a portfolio of Open Programmes.

Gina Hayden

Gina Hayden is a leadership development specialist with a strong interest in responsible and sustainable business that is purpose-driven as well as profit-driven.

Elaine Patterson

Elaine Patterson creatively blends her senior leadership experience with a passion for reflection and reflective learning to transform the world of work.

Karen Downes

Karen believes the future belongs to those who can envision it and willing to create it. For 30 years she has worked in the human potential movement, developing new paradigms of leadership for the enablement of human flourishing, business prosperity and planetary care.

Laura Storm

Laura is an international thought leader and expert on sustainability leadership and has been awarded the title ‘Worldchanger’ by Greenbiz and is selected by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader’.

Mike Sharrock

Mike is a leadership coach with over 30 years international business experience, supporting a more conscious form of leadership.

Stefan Cousquer

Stefan works with senior management at the intersection of leadership, innovation and sustainability and is on the faculty of Ashridge Hult International Business School for executive education courses in innovation and 21st century leadership.

Mark Drewell

Mark is an internationally recognized thought and action leader on the development of organisations and leadership for the 21st century. He is a senior partner at the Stockholm-headquartered Foresight Group.

Dan Burgess

Dan has spent the last 20 years working at the intersections of design, innovation, creative communications, mobilisation, social and environmental change with global brands, NGO’s, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, creative mavericks and misfits.

Edward L. Rowland

Edward L. Rowland is Founder of The Whole Partnership and a leadership catalyst and senior executive and team coach.

Patrick Andrews

Patrick Andrews is a business adviser, author and facilitator. He is co-founder of the Human Organising Co, which helps individuals and organisations achieve their potential through adopting more fluid, networked and participatory approaches.

Liz Rivers

Liz Rivers


Liz Rivers is a leadership coach who specialises in helping leaders to be more effective through being more embodied. She is co-founder of Purpose, Power, Presence.

Christopher Cooke

Christopher is recognised for pioneering international application of Integral theory and practice since 1998. His inspiration is to enable human emergence, in support of one viable planet, where humanity chooses to be the guardian of effective ecosystem processes.

Leen Gorissen

Leen Gorissen, PhD in Biology, works with companies, governments and organizations to help them ‘think outside’ - not only out-of- the-box but also out in nature - and ‘create regenerative value’ – not only solutions but also capabilities.

Katherine Long

Katherine Long is an experienced leadership and team coach, organization development practitioner and educator working at the complex transformation interface between individual and whole system change.

Steve Jones

Steve devotes his life to championing the cause of Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading. He founded the Nature Based Leadership Institute at Antioch University New England in 2015 while serving as that institution’s president.

Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson is an experienced brand and communications strategist, who specialises in aligning purpose, values and meaning in organisations looking to have a positive social and environmental impact on the future of people and planet.

Daniel Ludevig

Daniel's expertise lies in facilitating deep conversations for organizations using a cutting-edge embodiment and creativity approach to address transformational change.

Trevor Waldock

Trevor Waldock is CEO of Emerging Leaders, an NGO set up to liberate the potential in every dimension of young lives, in the worlds most vulnerable communities.

Genevieve Boast

Genevieve is the Founder of Beyond Human Stories: a global consultancy that exists to connect individuals and organizations to their bigger social purpose and story in the world.

Nigel Hughes

Nigel empowers people worldwide. He is an inspirational speaker, leadership coach and mentor.

Graham Boyd

Graham has been leading innovation-centric businesses towards Teal - living self-organizing organizations - for a couple of decades.

Jay Bragdon

Jay Bragdon is the General Partner of Conservest Management Co., an investment advisor to high net worth families, and pioneering thought leader on life-affirming business.

Joe St Clair

Joe St Clair is currently Global President of Eternea and the Executive Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, exploring new ways of leading and operating.

Dawna Jones

Dawna writes for Great Workplaces in the Huffington Post, is the author of Decision Making for Dummies and collaborates with business visionaries world-wide on regenerative business.

Malcolm Parlett

Malcolm Parlett Ph.D has enjoyed a long career as a psychologist, organizational consultant, therapist and coach. He is a thought leader within the Gestalt tradition.

Marlaine Petorius

Marlaine Petorius is based in South Africa where she is a Tilt 365® certified coach, a certified Integral & Arbinger Institute trained coach & facilitator, and a Work That Reconnects facilitator.

Andres Roberts

Andres is a facilitator, consultant and entrepreneur dedicated to new kinds of progress, fit for a positive future for all. His work combines reconnection to Nature with systemic change.

Sandja Brügmann

Sandja Brügmann is a sustainable communication, conscious leadership expert, international speaker and serial-entrepreneur, who advocates systemic solution thinking.

Frederick Hölscher

Frederick Hölscher is a practitioner and academic with many years of experience in teaching and research at tertiary institutions regarding organizational development and leadership.

Darren Hilton

Darren is a facilitator, coach, consultant and founder of Tapping the Source Ltd, a learning and development practice focused on delivering transformational leadership, team and organisational development programmes. The business exists to support the development of thriving, prosperous, regenerative organisations.

Thomas ROSSI

Thomas, a Nature lover, has certifications in Biomimicry and Permaculture and graduated with Distinction to the very first Ecological Design Thinking Master of Arts proposed by Schumacher College.