Frederick Holscher

Frederick Hölscher


Frederick Hölscher is a practitioner and academic with many years of experience in teaching and research at tertiary institutions. He entered the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ as a business and OD consultant and has worked globally for more than 20 years taking academic concepts into practice through leadership development and organisational development programmes at all levels of business e.g. working with team leaders in the mining industry 2 km underground, and then being able to step up to the boardroom to guide and develop leadership strategically.

He has a passion for reconciling opposites – views points, business models and stakeholders – and has developed processes of generative dialogue to bring opposing groups together, not through bringing consensus but through understanding and extracting value from opposites to form something new.

He has also published the following papers: Diamonds in the dust – Crafting your future landscape (2009); Achieving Coherence as a Leadership Capacity in a VUCA world (2015); Development as a process of human consciousness (1987); Establishing a trilogy between the Public sector, Civil Society and Private Sector (1995); Tackling the engagement dilemma and the role of ego and eco intelligence (2016)