Steve Jones


Steve devotes his life to championing the cause of Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading. He founded the Nature Based Leadership Institute at Antioch University New England in 2015 while serving as that institution’s president. He is President and CEO, Great Blue Heron, LLC, and has chaired the Governing Board, University of the Arctic 2005-08. He preceded his thirty-two years in higher education with a dozen years in the paper and allied-products manufacturing industry where, among other assignments, he conducted tree-nutrition and forest-fertilization research for four years and served another two years in the Corporate Office of Environmental Affairs. As Alabama region land manager from 1981-84, he oversaw operations on the company’s five hundred square miles of forestland across thirty-two Alabama counties. He holds a doctorate in applied ecology. Steve and Judy (his wife since June 1972) reside in the Tennessee Valley region of northern Alabama. Steve’s ultimate intent is to enhance lives and enterprise success, even as he sows the seeds for responsible Earth stewardship.