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Giles is an invaluable moderator for our Leadership Team, continuously looking for inspiration and insight to drive the mission ever better – great insight, clarity and energy every time we work with Giles

Karel Vandamme, CEO, Tea Division of Unilever

Giles brilliantly combines his warm and empathetic style with his incredibly sharp business acumen. He helped me grow massively as a CEO and enabled our leadership team to work in more harmony. I would hugely recommend him to other businesses.

Rob Wilson, CEO, Toast

The work of Giles Hutchins, and his memorable Springwood immersions, has had a profound impact on me as CEO, countless individuals across the business and massively on our wider organisational culture.

Galahad Clark, CEO, Vivobarefoot

In times, when business leaders are struggling with volatility and uncertainty about the future of their organizations, Giles Hutchins lays out a path for transformational change.

Mick Bremans, Chairman, Ecover

Under the inspirational guidance of Giles we pioneered the ‘firm of the future’ approach and engaged our clients and partners on this exploratory path to a more sustainable and agile business ecosystem.

Marianne Hewlett, SVP, Atos International

Giles’s blends business expertise, deep connection with nature and our living environment and experience in transformation, helping us think differently and progressively about work and organisational intent. He is magical in his ability to generate ‘safe spaces’ for conversations that matter

Caroline Gosling, Director, Rubica

For those seeking answers around their personal and professional development – I can’t recommend Giles and his work highly enough.

Richard Tyre, CEO, Good People

Giles commands an incisive analysis of the systemic challenges we face, whilst connecting with clients in a warm, engaging rapport, making him a compelling and insightful change-agent of our times.

Tom Keward, Programme Director, Roffey Park Institute

Giles Hutchins is at the forefront of synthesizing new logics for business with the natural rhythms of life and the human mind that will revolutionize business.

Lynne Sedgemore CBE, former CEO, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

The nature immersion workshop with Giles exceeded all expectations. This is real space to develop strategies fit for the 21st century.

Stephen Passmore, CEO, Resilience Brokers

Giles has a unique ability to bring leadership groups to a place of psychological safety very quickly where they trust him and the process, which enables them to move very quickly to deeper levels of consciousness and sharing. His leadership immersion workshops always receive excellent feedback.

Sharon Olivier, Programme Director Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School

For many years Giles has been an innovative thinker, inspiring us to transform.

Paul Drukman, CEO, The International Reporting Council

Giles’s guidance has been a game-changer in my own leadership journey. His experience, insight and intuition are really helping to shape the way I build my business at a critical stage in its growth. I am truly grateful.

Thomas Bourne, CEO, Greenheart Consulting

Inspiring, uplifting, simply superb!

Euan Smith, COO, Sky Media

Powerful and provocative…the most useful leadership event I’ve ever attended

Ian Ayling, Strategy Director, Wilko

Our leadership immersion day at Springwood with Giles had a tremendous impact on each of us individually, as well as collectively as a leadership team. I’m deeply grateful for Giles’s fellowship and guidance as we continue on our journey at Enara.

Kevin Pojasek, CEO Enara Bio

Our leadership team spent a very fruitful day in the woods with Giles. His work provides a masterful guide to the power of regenerative leadership…Truly extraordinary’

John Elkington, Founder & Chief Pollinator at Volans